ResQCPR System

What is the ResQCPR System?

The ResQCPR® System is a CPR adjunct that consists of two synergistic devices—the ResQPOD® ITD 16 (impedance threshold device) and the ResQPUMP® ACD-CPR device. Together, they increase the likelihood of survival. A major clinical study of more than 1600 patients showed a 49% increase in one-year survival from cardiac arrest.

The ResQPOD ITD 16 returns more blood to the heart (preload) and lowers intracranial pressure by regulating airflow during CPR to increase the vacuum in a patient’s chest during chest wall recoil.1,2

The ResQPUMP ACD-CPR device further increases blood return by re-expanding the chest with a lift force of up to 10 kg. It is the only approved system for delivering true active compression-decompression CPR.

*ResQCPR System Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data submitted to FDA.
1Metzger, A, et al. Crit Care Med. 2012; 40(6):1851-1856.
2Voelckel W, et al. Pediatr Res. 2002;51:523-527.

Want to know more about these life saving devices?
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HLTAID003/011 Provide First Aid

What qualifications do I need to be a first aid trainer?

A first aid trainer will instruct learners how to respond to a medical emergency and provide assistance to an injured person while waiting for further professional help.  First aid training skills are in high demand due to safety standards and frameworks set aside by the Ministry of Health.  Businesses, organizations and institutions have to meet these health and safe requirements, hence the need for lots of first aid trainers.  These skills come in handy when saving lives in the case of an emergency medical condition and calamities that could cause injuries.

Are you interested in becoming a first aid trainer in Australia?  Below are the qualifactions you need.

Current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is an entry level teaching qualification. The certificate is among standards that has to be met by every first aid trainer. These standards are governed by the Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) which sets the way for Australia’s accredited training and assessment.

This certification equips students with a set of skills that are important when delivering and evaluating vocational qualifications.  The skills acquired could also come in handy in workplace training jobs.  A popular quip used to reffer to the qualification is Train the Trainer certification.

First Aid Certification

Once you acquire the teaching qualification, or (the train the trainer) its now time to match it with relevant first aid experience.  You will acquire vocational experience and qualification for any of the following courses:

1.Providing First Aid.

2.Emergency Response in Education Environments

3.Providing CPR

4.Basic Life Support Training (BLS)

As a qualified first aid trainer, you will have to deliver quality first aid training, plan your lessons careful, layout the program in an easy and simple manner, ensure trainees meet all assessment proecedures and finaly make sure they are thoroughly prepared before they take an assessment.

Opportunities for first aid trainers are boundless. The skill is on demand both in the private and public sector.   As a result, the skill is likely not to fade in demand going by the trends today. 

You will also learn how to respond to medical emergencies yourself and have a get a rewarding experience to teach others.  There is nothing fulfill in the universe than passing a skill to thousands of learners in a country.  Are you interested in becoming a first aid trainer and help a lifeguard in Australia attain their qualifications in life saving, look no further than our program in First aid training for trainers.