School Teacher Aquatic Rescue Training


March 15, 2020

This course will provide participants with skills and knowledge of aquatic safety, rescue and survival skill techniques for supervising students participating in activities both in and around various closed and open aquatic environments.  This Course is suitable for Teachers supervising students in various aquatic environments.

Standard Course Fee:

  • $134 (price may vary due to course location or discounts)

These course can be booked through Royal Life Saving WA just click here

Course Duration:

  • 7 hours

Delivery Mode:

  • Pre Reading and Exam, along with
  • Face to Face practical skills


  • Nil requirements

Entry requirements:

  • Hold a reasonable level of swimming fitness
  • Reasonable level (AQF level 3) of spoken and written English
  • Adequate level of physical fitness to enable completion of practical components of course

Minimum Age Requirements:

  • 18 years

Work Placement Requirements:

  • Nil requirements

Certification: On successful completion candidates will receive:

    • School Teacher Aquatic Rescue award and Resuscitation Award

Fee Includes:
Instruction, pool entry and learning resources

Course content includes:

  • Pool Component
    – Theory on aquatic environments, water safety, rescue techniques, resuscitation and basic injuries.
    – Resuscitation: Demonstrate effective Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
    – Swim 400 metres, continuously in 13 minutes. 200m freestyle, 200m survival strokes.
    – Survival and Rescue Skills: Demonstrate a range of survival techniques and appropriate rescues for a range of different aquatic environments.
    – Spinal Injuries: Basic management of a suspected spinal injury in shallow water.
    – Rescue Initiative: Combine all of the skills and knowledge on rescues and utilise it to rescue 2 drowning casualties.
  • Beach Component:
    – Risk Assessment and Checklist
    – Complete a 100m run 100m swim 100m run in 5 minutes.
    – Beach Rescues: Swim 25m to retrieve a conscious and an unconscious casualty.
    – Spinal Management

Support services:

A reasonable level of spoken and written English is required to complete this course. Reasonable adjustments can be made to certain aspects of the course without affecting the outcomes required. If you believe you require assistance with language, literacy of numeracy, please contact the office ahead of the scheduled course to determine what assistance may be available to you.

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