Finger Pulse Oximeter


June 5, 2020

Finger Pulse Oximeter
Model BM1000E


The pulse oximeter (BM1000) is designed for spot checking of the functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate for both adults and children. This medical device can be reused. It is a fingertip device with the following features:

★Spot check and display SpO2 and PR value;
★Low battery capacity indicator;
★Finger off indicator;
★wireless connection function

Pulse oximetry or SpO2 is a useful test used to measure the oxygen level (oxygen saturation) of the blood. It is an easy, painless measure of how well oxygen is being transported by the blood to parts of your body. These devices are very handy for first aid providers to get a handle on what is going on inside your patients body. Simply clip the unit on the patients finger tip, toe or ear lobe. It will display the pulse, oxygen saturation level along with Perfusion Index (PI).

Some of the many uses for SpO2 meters:

Asthma monitoring, Dentistry, Family Medicine, Dental Laboratory, Pediatrics, Endodontics, Emergency Medicine, Sports Performance Monitoring, Extreme Sports, Mountain Climbing to name a few



These units are small in size, lightweight and convenient to carry. The operation of the product is simple and suitable for your smart phone.


Support iPhone, Android and PC (only suitable for Bluetooth type).

Data can be stored in app at every 10 seconds for up to 12 hours for constant monitoring and review.

Compact size, easy installation, high reliability and accuracy
Applicable to adult and pediatric (child) patients.

Powered by 3V, low power consumption

2 standard 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (not included), 2 direction of display
Graph includes plethysmogram, pulse strength bargraph and PR digits
Communication protocol compatible with BCI
Converting between Bluetooth
Enable all the values displayed in the evaluation software on personal computer

Operation Instructions

 Smart phone App

1. Download ‘Spo2’ app at App store or Google Play, open ‘Spo2’ app and BT

2. Creating user, search the device ‘Berrymed’.

  3. Start testing.

PC Software (Please ensure you have a Bluetooth receiver.)

1. Install and open the Spo2.exe.

2. Find the right serial port according to the Bluetooth serial number and connect.

3. Start testing.




RRP $89 inc free delivery Aust wide (international delivery POA)


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