How To Become A First Aid Instructor

What is first aid? 

First aid is the initial care given to a person suffering from an injury or a disease to preserve life, preventing the condition from worsening or promoting recovery. It comprises early intervention in a life-threatening situation before professional medical assistance arrives, such as conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), applying plaster to wounds, or even treating minor injuries. First aid is often performed by a trained professional. 

Who are first aid instructors? 

Those people who perform basic first aid operations on those in need of emergency are called first aid instructors. First aid instructors teach candidates and educate them about how to perform first aid on people who are in critical stages. They teach students how to perform basic things like CPR and other standard procedures. 

First aid instructors work in realistic environments. First-aid instructors must teach the fundamental skills of reaction, response, calling for help, and treating minor injuries. Instructors are often self-employed. They often need to travel to different parts of the world.

How to become a first aid instructor? 

Everyone who wants to become a first aid instructor needs to have a minimum teaching course of Level 3 Award in Education and Training. A first aid trainer must also have a “First Aid at Work” certificate. They must know about courses that they are willing to teach. The first thing that a first aid instructor must do is get a qualification in first aid courses. However, first aid instructors do not need work experience. First aid instructors must always complete an annual skill evaluation. 

They must have an up-to-date portfolio. All the certificates you receive must be internally qualified. They must be able to demonstrate real-life scenarios. These scenarios can help people understand what to do. 

Skills that first aid instructors need

How to become a first aid instructor necessitates great interpersonal skills to establish a welcoming environment in which people may learn quickly and feel comfortable asking questions. The following are the qualities they must possess. 

  • First aid trainers should be confident and must be able to speak to a wide group of people.
  • They should be able to speak English fluently.
  • The instructors should have a friendly approach towards their students or patients.
  • They should be alert at all times, especially during emergencies. 
  • They must have in-depth knowledge about health care. 
  • They should always be responsible when it comes to treating or teaching people. 
  • They should have basic skills related to computers. 
  • First aid instructors should be able to depict ideas and concepts practically. 
  • They must create an engaging environment. 

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Why Is The Knowledge Of First Aid Necessary In Workplace

Accidents can happen anywhere. There are two types of accidents, major and minor, and both can happen anywhere to anyone at any time. Accidents do not give prior notification or notice before occurring. One should be prepared to face accidents.

One way to prepare oneself for accidents is by learning first aid. Many classes give first aid training, Fremantle to people of all age groups. Learning first aid becomes crucial when minor accidents happen in the workplace. At homes, we have our first aid kits ready at all times, but it is difficult to handle the first aid kit in our workplace.

Accidents in workplace

So, people working in offices should have a working and correct knowledge of first aid. Some many appliances and machines can harm the employees in the office, like a coffee machine. Even the simplest things like your chair or the staircase can harm you.

For major injuries, the patient must rush to the hospital. But for minor injuries and bruises, a first aider can help the injured. However, the first aider must have the proper knowledge of the art of giving first aid, which can be learned through first aid training, Fremantle.

Duties of a first aider

A first aider has many duties which he/she has to carry out while giving first aid to the injured. Some of them are:

  • A first aider should take immediate and correct actions to save the life of the injured before taking them to the hospital. It will increase the chances of survival for the injured.
  • The injured must be given practical and correct first aid by the first aider. Administering wrong first aid can worsen the case and put the life of the injured in danger.
  • Along with first aid, the first aider should also provide the injured with emotional assurance and mental balance to reduce anxiety and prevent any panic attacks.
  • The first aider should analyze the whole situation; what caused the injury, what is the nature of the injury, how to stop or remove the cause of the injury, and how to protect the bystanders and the public.
  • If possible, the first aider should stay in the ambulance with the injured while the injured is taken to the hospital to give a context of the injury to the doctor. It will speed up the process of the doctor. Also, the first aider should complete the hospital formalities as in some sections of the paperwork, the details of the first aider are asked.

First aid is important and a piece of crucial knowledge. First aid can increase the chances of the injured’s survival. However, administering the wrong first aid will harm the injured even more.

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What To Look For In An Emergency First Aid Refresher Course

Accidents can happen in your workplace or home when you least expect them. Things can go worse if help doesn’t arrive at the right time. In such dire situations, the knowledge of first aid can help immensely. A basic understanding of first aid equips you with the ability to save lives as well as to prevent more serious harm. A person who can administer first aid effectively is an asset for their society. 

Emergency First Aid Refresher Course

An emergency first aid refresher course aims at updating your first aid skills to enable you to tackle a wide range of medical emergencies or accidents. Such training is beneficial for the well-being of a community. With the rapidly evolving techniques and tools employed in first aid, it is vital for a first aid professional to stay updated with the latest knowledge in the field. 

Course Content

An emergency first aid refresher course focuses on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of first aid
  • Evaluating an emergency 
  • Dealing with shocks and seizures
  • CPR 
  • Managing injuries involving the spinal cord and head
  • Managing burns
  • Handling wounds and bleeding
  • Managing unconsciousness or fainting
  • Managing fractures
  • Managing choking
  • Equipment for emergency care

The course is generally 12 hours long. 

Things to look for in an Emergency First Aid Refresher course

There are a few important factors to consider while choosing a first aid refresher course. Some of them are:

Online mode of training

For people with day jobs or more challenging responsibilities, the online mode of training works the best. It avoids the wastage of time and money spent in traveling to a training center. You can easily squeeze in a bit of learning between tasks. Before you know it, you are done with the course. An online mode of learning provides a lot of flexibility. 

Regularly updated course material

With continuous advancements in the field of healthcare and medicine, the techniques and tools used for first aid also keep changing. Therefore, you need a first aid course that is updated regularly. This ensures that you obtain the latest knowledge and skills to help out a person in any state of medical emergency before help arrives.

Expert tutors

First aid is a stream of learning where there is no place for errors and incompetencies. You need a first aid course taught by expert teachers who have worked in this department for a considerable time. The knowledge and experience level of the tutors has a direct impact on the efficacy of the course. Their credibility will decide your success in implementing the first aid knowledge in real situations. 

Interesting and engaging content

Training is more fun if the course features interactive quizzes and engaging videos. Learning first aid can get overwhelming because of its serious subject matter. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with a dull training session. Look for a course that provides knowledge while holding your interest. Things are better memorized when they are fascinating to you. 

Choose an emergency first aid refresher course that fulfills the criteria mentioned above and take the first step in changing your life as well as the lives of others.