4 Reasons Why You Need To Learn First Aid


March 30, 2022 First Aid Training

An accident or a mishap can happen at any time, anywhere. It happens without warning and with no time to prepare. People usually go into panic mode, unsure of what to do. The best thing you can do in these situations is to stay calm and try to help. Hence, as responsible citizens, we must prepare ourselves in advance by learning first aid.

Firstly, what is first aid?

Someone who can do first aid has the range of skills that prepare them to deal with several unfortunate medical emergencies. From assisting someone who has fainted to potentially saving someone experiencing a cardiac arrest, you are taught how to deal with anything that may come your way. It is all the more reason to take up first aid training in Western Australia.

Why should you learn first aid?

Given below are four reasons why everyone needs to learn first aid:

  • Accidents are not uncommon

According to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, between 2017-18, 563,600 people experienced a work-related injury, which is a concerningly high figure. These accidents are no joke and can be pretty serious without immediate and proper precautions. Unfortunately, people often rely on the off-chance that they won’t ever experience such a calamity. However, anything can happen at any time. Therefore, it is time to be prepared for the worst by taking up first aid training in Western Australia.

  • First aid increases the chances of survival

Those few minutes before an ambulance arrives during a medical emergency are vital. Here, first aid can help increase the chances of survival. The quicker the first aid is provided, the better the chance of recovery. Simply put, time is of the essence during these situations. According to a study, only 10% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital have a chance of survival. However, the likelihood rises to 40% if CPR is provided within the first two minutes, a defibrillator is attached to the chest within four minutes, and then a paramedic arrives in eight minutes. 

  • It prioritizes your safety

If you have ever flown, you may know that the flight attendants always instruct that you must put on your mask first before helping others if the cabin loses air pressure. Doing so is not being selfish but being practical. Keeping yourself safe allows you to help others rather than procuring help for yourself. So, keep yourself safe by getting first aid training in Western Australia.

  • Increases confidence

Having first aid knowledge boosts your confidence in everyday situations. You can relax knowing that you will always find a way out of any problematic situation. This takes a considerable burden off your shoulders. Even people around you feel relaxed knowing that there is someone who can assist them at all times. Be that ray of hope by getting first aid training in Western Australia.

At West Coast First Aid Training, under the HLTAID 011, you can learn these life-saving skills. They offer one-day and two-day short sessions to equip you with all the necessary knowledge. You will be taught to deal with life-threatening scenarios to prepare for any and every situation. So, why wait? Get started on first aid training in Western Australia today.

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