Emergency First Aid At Work – What Does A First Aider Do?

It is said that guests and injuries come uninvited. We never know when a guest will unexpectedly visit our house or when we might get injured. However, injuries are more serious than guests. All guests can do is consume our time and snacks, but injuries can cost us a fortune if not treated well.

In our workplaces and offices, there are many appliances which can cause us harm. The coffee machine might go berzerk, causing the hot steaming coffee to burn your hands. The chair on which you are about to sit might be broken, causing you to fall hard on the ground. The stairs might be slippery, giving you a swollen and bruised ankle. There might be a loose wire hanging out the wall, and someone might accidentally touch it, leading to a shock. Anything can happen in an office.

For major injuries, you must rush to a hospital without any delay, but before rushing to the hospital, you can treat the wounded yourself using first aid to ensure the wound doesn’t worsen by the time you reach the hospital. However, not everyone can give first aid. The person giving first aid should have attended first aid training courses to ensure the patient is not harmed any further.

Before joining first aid training courses, the applicant must get acquainted with the responsibilities of a first aider:

1. A first aider should try his/her best to save the life of the injured by taking immediate and correct actions so that the chances of survival increase in case of a serious injury.

2. The first aider should administer proper and practical first aid to the injured to prevent worsening.

3. The first aider should give appropriate emotional assurance to the injured so that they are less anxious even after being in pain.

4. The first aider should carefully assess the nature and cause of the injury to prevent any further casualties from harming the bystanders and the public.

5. The first aider should stay in the ambulance with the injured to give the doctor the proper facts and condition of the casualty. It will give context to the doctor assigned so that he/she would be able to proceed further without any delay.

6. If possible, the first aider should fill out the hospital paperwork for the wounded if they have no close relative or family member to take care of them. 

Giving first aid without attending any first aid training courses can be dangerous for both the injured and the bystanders. Everyone needs to know the basics of first aid, but those interested in exploring the world of first aid and are searching for trustworthy first aid training courses can visit West Coast First Aid Training Service. 

With years of experience and skilled teachers, West Coast First Aid Training Service will train you in giving first aid and teach about all the necessary factors to be considered while administering first aid.

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Why Is It Important For First Aid Training To Continue During The Covid-19 Lockdown?

The pandemic hit everything in its way. The world is watching something it has never experienced. We are forced to stay inside and experience the virtual world. While most of the world is shut, some places have to keep working in these tough times. So to keep these workplaces working effectively, first aiders have to be on sight. This makes sure that small injuries are taken care of. It also saves the trip to be rushed to emergency if the injury can be dealt with at the workplace. 

If you’re still learning and want to enhance your skills, you can get a manikin to practice. There are a number of websites that provide First AID CPR mannequins for sales and hire which you can practice on for safety purposes. 

 Why can’t first aiders work from home?

To become a qualified first aider, you need to have practical skills. You need to be able to work in real-life situations. So you have to have face-to-face training. Unlike many other courses, it can’t be taught over a virtual meeting. This helps prove that a first aider can work in intense situations and can very well save a life.

So despite COVID-19, they have to remain functional. But this can’t happen from the periphery of their house. Accidents can occur at any time, and the first aiders can help save a life while the ambulance is on the way.

Ensuring proper safety

With COVID-19 at hand, the existing first aid arrangements need to be revised. First aiders now have to take into consideration the SOPs (Standard operation procedure) too. Not only this, they need to try to handle things on their own to prevent going to a hospital. There’s a high risk of the existing first aider falling sick or self-isolating himself. So to ensure every workplace has at least one first aider, the training needs to continue. As an employer you’ll always be concerned about your workplace and ensure your team is always in practice. So having some mannequins stocked from various websites that offer First AID CPR mannequins for sales and hire keep your first aiders always good to go.


If the workplace is highly crowded, first aider may require assessment. Some vulnerable workers require extra attention so that an assistant first aider might be appointed to the duty. Therefore, the training needs to continue to ensure a proper supply of first aiders.

Proper knowledge

Though virtual classes may make a person learn stuff, the practical part is left out. A first aider should know his way around a patient. That can only be achieved through practical training. First aiders train with mannequins to create multiple scenarios. This gives the first aiders a real-like situation that may befall them anytime. They should be ready for situations like cardiac arrests and brain injuries. A first aider should know how to provide first aid for bleeding, burns, blisters, fractures, sprains, frostbites, and animal stings.

First aid training for a workplace is something organizations must continue. Therefore, they should consider checking out companies that offer First AID CPR mannequins for sales and hire following all the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Many people die each year at their jobs because the emergency medical personnel arrived late. This makes it of utmost importance to have first aiders handy. Workplaces can even share their first aiders if they have a lot to prevent mass gathering. But no first aider can be perfect without the practical, that is why the training has to continue even at times like these.